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Prepare your images and text

Account settings

Security Plugin

Security Plugin Setting


 WP Version Info - Check the box and Save

User Login

  • Login Lockdown- Enable Login Lockdown Feature, Display Generic Error Message, Instantly Lockout Invalid Usernames- check the box and SAVE
  • Enable Force WP User Logout- check the box and SAVE

User Registration

Manual approval, Registration Captcha - Check the box and SAVE

Filesystem Security

  • File Permissions- MUST BE ALL GREEN if not click on Recommended Action
  • PHP Files Editing - check the box and SAVE


 Internet Bot - Check the box and Save

Brute Force

Login Captcha – Click all but first“Google reCAPTCHA” and SAVE

SPAM Prevention

  • Enable Captcha On Comment Forms- Check the box and Save
  • Enable Auto Block of SPAM Comment IPs- Check the box and Save

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